Memorial DVDs

The facilities at Seawright Funeral Home and Crematory allow for audio and video recording of funeral services. These videos are excellent keepsakes and can help those who are unable to attend funeral services to be a part of the ceremonies and the grieving process.

Memorial videos or DVDs are a special way to commemorate the life of a loved one. Photos of milestones and memorable moments are compiled in a slideshow that paints a warm picture of all the joys of an individual's life. Photos that capture moments of family, friends, hobbies and passions can highlight every facet of a life well lived for family members to share.

Seawright Funeral Home and Crematory can use photos of your family's choosing to create a memorial video of your loved one's life. Pricing information is below. For more details about this process, ask your funeral director.

Service Video (1 VHS) $45
Service Video (1 DVD) $65
Additional Copies of Service Video (DVD format) $20
DVD Memories Video (50 photos) (photos must be submitted to the funeral home 12 hours before service or visitation to allow ample time for scanning and compiling the video) $75
Each Additional 25 Photos $25
Each Additional Copy of Memories Video $25